Cohesion Mobile for SAP – Free Trial


  1. Grant : Licensee is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable access license for a 15 day period for 1 named user only (“Term”) for the purpose of evaluating Cohesion Mobile for SAP.
  2. Limited Access: Licensee will use the software with a maximum of 1 user and provide access only to its employees or contractors who are subject to confidentiality provisions similar to those set out in this license. Should these limitations be violated, normal license fees will be charged.
  3. Title: The Software belongs to Cohesion, as do any intellectual property rights in it. Licensee will not copy, modify, decompile or assign the software.
  4. Confidentiality: Licensee will keep any information regarding the software confidential, both during and after the term, unless that information becomes public. This provision will survive this License. Cohesion may enforce its rights by seeking injunctive relief.
  5. No warranty: The software is provided on a “as-is” basis. The risk of use arising from performance of the software is licensee’s sole responsibility. Neither cohesion, nor any of its suppliers can be held liable for any damage, of whatever sort, arising from licensee’s use of the software. ALL STATUTORY WARANTIES RELATING TO MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED.
  6. Termination: When the evaluation term ends, licensee will either : (a) obtain from Cohesion a permanent license to continue using the software or (b) immediately cease using the software.
  7. Services: all services requested by Licensee from Cohesion in relation to this evaluation license will be charged on a time and material basis according to Cohesion Consulting rates.
  8. Effect : By completing this online form the licensee agrees to be bound by its terms.

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