Cohesion Mobile

Cohesion Mobile gives you access to key SAP ERP transactions from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can access corporate data easily using a touch screen and the familiar iPhone interface.

The Apple iPhone is changing the way people work. Large Corporations like Novartis, Kraft Foods and Trek Bicycle are embracing the iPhone. These companies are enabling their employees with mobile applications that are simple to use and convenient to access.

JD Power has ranked the iPhone highest in consumer satisfaction based on their global survey of smart phone users. Forrester Research has declared that the iPhone and iPad are “enterprise ready”. Many of your employees probably own iPhones already. If you’re deploying mobile enterprise apps, why not deliver them on the world’s best smart phone?

With mobile SAP access, your staff can get out from behind their desks and work directly with their colleagues and business partners. Your managers can approve invoices from a meeting room without opening their laptops. Your sales team can create quotations during lunch with their clients. Your system administrator can check SAP system performance while watching TV in the evening. Your Finance team can verify customer payments or view a financial statement while travelling.


Test drive Cohesion Mobile for SAP on your iPhone, iPad or Android device today. Click on the link below to request access to Cohesion’s Demonstration System for a 15 day trial period.
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The latest release of Cohesion Mobile includes the following new transactions:

  • Leave Approvals
  • Trip Approvals
  • Print Invoices
  • Release Purchase Orders
  • Release Purchase Requisitions
  • Create Quality Notifications
  • Change Quality Notifications

SAP versions supported: ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, ERP 4.7. The system uses the standard SAP web server built into ECC 6.0 and available through the ITS for older versions.

The software can be quickly installed on your ECC system with a single transport. No additional hardware or network configuration is required.



Frequently Asked Questions


What SAP transactions are supported?

The applications deliver common transactions such as:

  • Sales orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Customer browser
  • Vendor browser
  • Accounts receivable line items
  • Accounts payable line items
  • Spool overview
  • Process overview

Cohesion can develop custom transactions based on your requirements for an additional fixed fee.

Can our existing SAP team support the mobile transactions?

Yes. You can change the mobile transactions using ABAP and basic HTML. All business logic is encoded in ABAP to allow easy support by your existing SAP team.


How much does the product cost?

In addition to a once off license fee, annual user licenses are priced at $50 USD each. Minimum order quantity of 10.


Do you offer site licensing?

Yes. Please contact us for site license details.

What programming language is used to develop the mobile software?

The software is written using SAP Business Server Pages (BSP). All of the business logic is coded in ABAP to allow your SAP development team to customize the software to your requirements. The software can be edited using the ABAP Workbench (transaction SE80) in your SAP ECC system. HTML templates are used to define the layout of the screens.

How is user security managed? How do I logon to SAP?

Users will logon with their existing SAP username and password. The system uses an encrypted web connection (HTTPS) to connect to the SAP server. When the user is outside the corporate network, VPN should be configured on the mobile device to access SAP.

Do the annual user licenses cover future upgrades to Cohesion Mobile?

Yes. The annual user license provides access to all future upgrades to Cohesion Mobile for SAP.

How is Cohesion Mobile installed on the mobile device?

After installing the transport on your SAP system, you can email a link to the software to your mobile device. After logging on to SAP through your mobile browser, you can add the software to your home screen as an icon. There is no need to connect to a mobile App store as the software is hosted entirely on your SAP server.Email or telephone +1-800-231-7119 for more information.


  • Manufactured by: Cohesion, Inc