Cohesion uses the latest Rapid Design Thinking approach to deliver analytic, business intelligence and SAP implementation projects. This approach is focused on ensuring the highest possible ROI combined with quick wins to prove the project’s business value as early as possible in the implementation cycle. Cohesion works with our customers in a transparent and collaborative way ensuing their active participation in all stages of the design and implementation process.


At Cohesion, all of our principals have decades of project experience managing projects of all sizes from small-scale proof-of-concept projects to global roll-outs of SAP and mission-critical business intelligence systems. While many consulting companies continue to use antiquated “black-box” methodologies that provide the customer with very little visibility into the solution under development, Cohesion use an agile, interactive methodology that ensures customer involvement and buy-in at every step of the project.


The reality of business is that you don’t always have the right people when and where you need them. Cohesion can help you with project and interim staffing for all of your analytic and SAP projects and ongoing needs whether you need a proven project manager, a business analyst with deep industry experience or just more bandwidth. We select our interim staff using the same process we use for our own team and, like our own team, our consultants are fully supported through our knowledge management systems and senior staff.